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Why Do Pet Stores Buy Animals From Breeding Mills?

Why do pet stores buy animals from breeding mill? The question is often asked, but few consumers understand the full implications of this practice. Animals kept in breeding mills face unimaginable living conditions and often die young. Pet stores also fail to screen buyers and future homes for these animals. And, due to poor enforcement of humane laws, shops often sell sick or injured animals. Fortunately, some humane societies have succeeded in shutting down breeding mills.

The reason pet stores buy animals from breeding mills is simple: to make money. Pet stores buy animals from backyard breeders and breeding mills and sell them at lower prices to unsuspecting consumers. For example, most pet stores sell rabbits for $50 or $100. Despite these low prices, the animals in these stores often have serious health problems. Breeders often fail to provide a background on the puppies sold in their stores.

Puppy mills are notorious worddocx for their breeding practices. These facilities use unsanitary methods to breed dogs. They neglect their mothers and their babies. The puppies end up being born with diseases and are not socialized. The animals are sold to unsuspecting consumers via pet stores, online classified ads, and even flea markets. Sadly, many puppy mill puppies have serious medical problems and are ultimately killed. The owners of these businesses only care about profit.

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