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The Elements of Good Website Design

What should a good website design look like? The elements below are fundamental. A website should include each of them to achieve the best user experience. These elements can be used in different ways to improve your website’s overall functionality and appeal. These elements should be incorporated into your website design in order to establish your site as an authority in its field. You should also avoid overusing any element or sacrificing the rest of your website to enhance its look.

A truly effective website design will engage visitors immediately and keep them on it through every page, influencing them to contact your website. This is what website owners should aim for – conversion. Interaction should be moderate but never overwhelming. There’s a fine line between interaction and annoyance. It should never outweigh the benefit. You can read the research of Nielsen Norman Group to learn more about the elements that make a good website.

Typography is another important element. Use a typeface that will convey your message clearly. For instance, if you’re in a formal role, you’ll want to use a distinguished serif font with extra bits hanging off the ends of the letters. Likewise, a photographer or a designer would use a light sans serif font. Arial and Times New Roman are two good examples. Comic Sans and Times New Roman are two more examples of common typefaces.

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