Source Tile: A Revolutionary Tool for Finding Lost Items

Have you ever misplaced your keys or your phone Source Tile, only to spend hours searching for them? Losing things can be frustrating, but with Source Tile, a new tracking device, finding lost items has never been easier. In this article, we’ll explore what Source Tile is, how it works, and why it could be a game-changer for many people.

What is Source Tile?

Source Tile is a small, rectangular device that can be attached to any item. It uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone, allowing you to track the location of your item through the Source app. You can attach Source Tiles to your keys, backpack, or any other item that you want to keep track of. Each Source Tile is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is water-resistant

How Does it Work?

Source Tile works by using Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone. When a Source Tile is attached to an item, it sends out a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by any nearby phone. This signal is then encrypted and sent to the Source servers, where it is stored. If you lose your item, you can use the Source app on your phone to track its location.

One of the unique features of Source Tile is the ability to set “home” and “away” locations for your items. This means that you can create a virtual boundary around your home or workplace, and if you leave that boundary without your item, you will receive an alert on your phone. This can be particularly useful for people who are prone to leaving their keys or phone behind when they leave the house.

How to Set Up and Use Source Tile

Setting up Source Tile is easy. Simply download the Source app on your phone and follow the instructions to pair your Source Tile with your phone. Once your Source Tile is paired, you can attach it to your item and start tracking its location.

To use your Source Tile, simply open the Source app and select the item you want to locate. If your item is within range of your phone, you can use the app to track its location. If your item is out of range, the app will display its last known location on a map. If someone else with the Source app comes within range of your lost item, you will receive a notification with its current location

Privacy and Security

One of the major concerns with location-based services is privacy and security. Source has taken several steps to ensure that Source Tile is both secure and private. For example, Source Tiles have a removable cover that must be removed to activate them. This helps to prevent unauthorized activation of Source Tiles.

Source Tiles also use end-to-end encryption to protect your location data. This means that only you can access the location data for your Source Tile. Additionally, Source Tiles have a unique identifier that is randomly generated, which helps to protect your privacy.


Source Tile is a powerful tool for keeping track of your items. It is easy to set up and use and offers precise location information for your lost items. Additionally, Source Tile is designed with privacy and security in mind, so you can use it with confidence

While there are other Bluetooth tracking devices on the market, Source Tile stands out for its home and away feature, which can be particularly useful for people who are prone to leaving their keys or phone behind. With Source Tile, you can spend less time searching for lost items and more time enjoying your day.

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