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Is YG a Good Company?

Is YG a good company? This is a question many investors ask. The Korean company has made a name for itself as a creator of successful artists. However, the company has expanded far beyond Asia to enter the global market. This makes the company ready for the global market. Here are some facts about the company that may interest investors. The company’s music production business is a good example.

YG’s management is good. There are some concerns about the company’s work environment. For example, the company has a high turnover rate and many employees have complained about work-life balance issues. While it is a highly-regarded company, the company culture can be oppressive and can hinder creative freedom. While YG has created successful artists, it is difficult to judge the company based on its work ethic and its reputation.

While the company has a stellar reputation for artist management, its main business has suffered in recent years. In 2018, YG recorded a business profit of $15.7 million. YG Entertainment is now in the ‘Big Four’ with a market cap of KRW 16.3 billion. Its main division is music production, and the company splits the revenue with artists 50:50. Artists are free to create their own music, but YG executives do not restrict their creative outputs.

After YG’s massive expansion, the company also has strong distribution. Big Hit Entertainment has recently acquired 17.9% of YG Plus. Its subsidiary beNX, which developed the direct-to-fan app Weverse, contributed to the company’s strong performance in the first nine months of 2020. It plans to use YG Plus to expand its distribution and merchandising business. This expansion also reflects a growing global fan base.

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