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How Do I Sell Kittens to Pet Stores?

Are you wondering how to sell kittens to pet stores? The best way to sell your kittens is through a pet wholesaler. Pet wholesalers purchase kittens from commercial breeders and resell them to retailers, including pet stores. While these companies are required by law to follow the Animal Welfare Act, many do not. The result is that pet stores have a higher cost per kitten, and their guarantees are generally short-lived and rarely cover inherited diseases or temperament issues.

There are many reasons to avoid selling your animals to pet stores. For example, you want to ensure that you’re adopting an animal from a responsible 52av breeder. Many pet stores work with local animal shelters to provide adoption animals to the public. However, there are also a number of pet stores that sell only to the public. Pet stores that do not accept adoption applications may be breeding them in mass. A good breeder will have a reputation for responsibly breeding their animals.

Pet stores treat animals like merchandise. Animals are unloaded into cages, priced, and sold like products. The crowded cages they are forced to live in make them feel cramped and stressed. In contrast, fish and birds are meant to explore their lakes and oceans. These animals are also exposed to a high level of stress, and the pressure of cagemates can cause them to attack each other.

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