From street football to the Premier League, in between passionate fans and inspiring speeches: These are the football movies and series you should put on your watchlist.


Trent’s Vision

Can vision training help make a world-class player even better? This film explores that possibility, bringing Ballon d’Or 2019 nominee Trent Alexander-Arnold together with eye specialist Dr. Daniel Laby, who has worked wonders for baseball players in America. Liverpool winger Trent, known for delivering assists, tests his peripheral vision and reaction with all sorts of exercises to ensure perfect foot-eye interaction. All in all, the result is a fascinating study of the benefits that sports science can deliver.

Signed or Released

If you’ve ever played amateur football, you’ve probably met someone who “would have made it” if it weren’t for that injury or bad luck – at least that’s their opinion. This series follows the true stories of young footballers whose futures are still in limbo as they look to sign on with German Bundesliga club RB Leipzig. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the five-part miniseries and get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride on which the future of football depends.


Experience the 2019/2020 soccer season shoulder-to-shoulder with superstar Erling Braut Haaland as he prepares for the first Champions League group stage in 25 years with his Red Bull Salzburg team and American coach Jesse Marsch. A warning beforehand: Marsch’s emotional team speeches will make you freeze – this is pure inspiration!

Séan Garnier vs. The World

Frenchman Séan Garnier would have had what it takes to become a pro if a series of injuries hadn’t ruined his chances of getting a foothold in professional sports. To compensate, he devoted himself to freestyle soccer, the fine art of juggling the ball.

In this documentary, Séan looks back on his life story. Be up close and personal as he competes and visits new places and people who have supported him along the way. Also featured are Zinedine Zidane and Neymar Jr..

The Streets Don’t Lie

In this three-part series, French legend Djibril Cissé sets out on the ultimate scouting mission. The former Liverpool attacking player visits London, Berlin and Paris to find new football talent. The goal: those players who can convince him will get a place in a professional academy. In each city, Cissé talks to the young hopefuls who are without a club, while he makes his selection after a 60-minute match. For these young players, everything is at stake!

Around the World

The stakes are high in Around the World. You’ll be surprised at how powerful the stories in the film are. They inspire, are powerful in their individuality, and show what meaning the sport can have for all of us. Experience ten moving stories of freestylers from around the world who want to make it to the finals of Red Bull Street Style.

When Trent met Wrighty

In this interview, a football legend meets a star of the future. Arsenal icon Ian Wright visits Trent Alexander-Arnold at his home in Liverpool to talk about his story so far. It all started when he was a kid on the roof of his mother’s car trying to catch a glimpse of Liverpool’s training ground, while now he’s making a splash in the Premier League. Find out what drives the England team player, the sacrifices he’s had to make to get this far, and what it really feels like to get one of Jürgen Klopp’s famous hugs odishadiscoms.

Fanáticos Pro

You think you are the ultimate football fan? Then you should reconsider your opinion – unless you have already mingled with the fans of the rival team, followed your team once around the world and even have a pet in the colors of your favorite team. These four South American superfans from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico dedicate their entire lives to their club digitalnewshour.

Pushing Progression: Street Style

Back to the world of freestyle soccer, where Red Bull Street Style has now earned a reputation as the most prestigious competition on the scene. This fascinating documentary shows how the sport has evolved and how it incorporates skills from disciplines such as breakdancing and gymnastics. In this sport, the rules are that there are no rules: All you need is a ball and a mature sense of creativity vegamovies.


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