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Do Car Insurance Companies Insure Pre Damaged Vehicles?

If you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle and have already damaged it, you may be wondering: Do car insurance companies insure pre damaged vehicles or is it better to look into repairing the existing damage on your own? While minor dents and dings don’t count, larger ones do. Pre-existing damage is usually defined as damage that happened before the insurer’s records were updated. Major damage includes structural damage, cracked windshield, and collapsed bumper. Minor damage, on the other hand, includes chipped paint, door dings, and door dings.

If your vehicle has suffered minor damage prior to the insurance company’s records, you might want to file a claim with the carrier anyway. Most insurance adjusters have seen all types of damages, and will typically be able to discern between the previous damage and the current claim. When choosing a policy, make sure you disclose any damage to your insurer. Keeping a secret may result in an insurance fraud investigation, so it’s best to disclose all preexisting damage.

Pre-damaged cars may not be able to be insured if they have minor damages. In states that require CARCO, however, minor damages don’t automatically bar you from purchasing insurance. You can check your vehicle’s history by referring to its VIN. This number will help the insurer determine if the car has ever been damaged before. You can also provide photos for the insurance company to use to support any claims.

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