Different Types of Beer Glasses for Customization

In the world of beer, the serving style is versatile. One can quickly chug a beer right from the bottle or can. But enjoying the favorite ale from a sophisticated beer glass has a different kind of satisfaction. With many varieties available, beer glasses come in different shapes, sizes, and aesthetics. This is why some people have a particular fondness for collecting a versatile range of beer glasses. The value gets doubled with personalized beer glasses with photo. These beer glasses are enjoyable and make quality time with buddies more memorable.

Weissbier Vase

Often used to serve weissbier, they are easily mistaken for Pilsner glasses. They feature a wider top. They are tall with an inward taper highlighting the color and concentrates foam for a stunning crown.

Pilsner Glass

Its name comes from the fact that it was specially designed for pouring Pilsners. The purpose of this design is usually to beautify the beer’s presentation. Pilsner glasses come in two varieties: regular and footed.

English Tulip and Stemmed Tulip

These glasses are designed to make beer swirling easier, preserve the foam head, and accentuate the flavor and aroma of malty and hoppy brews. There are two varieties: the Tulip Pint and the standard Tulip. The stemmed Tulip serves Belgian Ales, whereas English Tulip Pints are usually used for Irish Stouts.

Shaker Pint

This glass, also called the American Pint, was designed mainly for shaking cocktails. These glasses can be used to serve a wide range of brews. These glasses are often used to serve American Lagers and Pale Ales. These are the best choices to turn into personalized beer glasses with photo.


The mug is flexible and holds all varieties of beer, making it the most universal drinking receptacle ever designed. The handle, a standard feature in various sizes, prevents the beer from warming up while holding it. These are generally all-purpose glasses for all brews.

Stout Glasses

Every beer lover’s china cabinet should feature a unique stout glass. The form of the base and the angle of the bowl highlight the roasted malts and rich coffee and chocolate flavors that typify stout beers. The glass has an angled shelf and a narrow mouth.

Glass Beer Boots

Beer boots, often known as “das boots,” have long been popular during beer festivals and celebrations in the United States. These are often used in macho drinking contests. Their origins, however, can be traced back to Bavarian beer culture. Legend has it that a Prussian general told his soldiers that if they won a battle, he would sip a beer from his leather boot. Upon the victory, he commissioned a glass replica of his boot to save himself the disgrace of drinking foot beer. Since then, it has become popular in Oktoberfest traditions.


With so many beer glasses available in the market, one can quickly go for personalized beer glasses with photo in any of the designs. They are perfect for personal collection as well as for gifting purposes.


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