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Are There People That Sell Exclusively Pet Insurance?

You may be wondering: Are there people that sell exclusively pet insurance? This article will provide you with a few different options. First, you can purchase annual coverage for your pet. However, if you wish to limit the amount of coverage to one condition, you should choose the per-condition plan. It is important to note that per-condition plans tend to charge higher premiums due to the fact that you must meet the deductible only once.

Secondly, look for a company that covers hereditary and congenital diseases. This type of plan is especially useful if your pet has a chronic illness or is prone to accidents. A good insurer will also cover new injuries and accidents. The best pet insurance companies will give you unlimited coverage with a few deductible options. Healthy Paws also allows you to submit claims through their website or phone app. They process 99 percent of claims within two days.

Third, remember that pet insurance premiums can vary widely. While the average cost of pet insurance is lower than the cost of insurance for cats and dogs, the premiums for older pets can be significantly higher. You can decrease the cost of premiums by adjusting policy details. A lower reimbursement percentage or higher deductible can make your insurance premiums lower. Keep in mind that the lower deductible you choose, the higher the monthly cost.

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