A Guide to Designing Social Networks

Turbologo is an online platform that helps create unique logos. Social networks have made communication much easier by providing an online platform for sharing information and interacting with others. Users can post content, share pictures, and connect with people all around the world. Additionally, social networks provide a plethora of opportunities for work, entertainment, and education, as well as serving as an excellent digital marketing tool.

Advantages of Social Networks

  • Communication over long distances
  • Finding and interacting with new people
  • Opportunities for learning and development in various areas
  • An excellent tool for promoting brands and companies

The Most Popular Social Networks

  • Facebook: With over one billion active users, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networks. Facebook also owns WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.
  • YouTube: One of the world’s leading video hosting platforms that combines the features of a video library, social network, and live video magazine.
  • Instagram: Currently the most popular social network worldwide. It boasts quick photo and video sharing and is an excellent channel for promoting brands. There is also a whole industry of SMM services and strategies for promoting on this platform.

Designing Social Networks

Social networks offer vast opportunities for promoting goods and services. A well-designed profile is an important marketing move that can make a huge difference. A branded social media account is the “face” of a company, and proper design can greatly increase its appeal.

Steps for designing social networks:

  1. Choose a specific platform that best suits the brand’s goals.
  2. Analyze competitor accounts and study target audience preferences.
  3. Design page covers, channel caps, posts, and storefronts based on collected information.
  4. Adhere to consistent styles in writing, color palette and graphic elements.
  5. Customize logos to each social network separately.
  6. Carefully design the cover and background.
  7. Stick to the positioning of design elements to create a positive impression on customers.


Social network profiles can significantly accelerate brand awareness and increase the number of touchpoints with customers. Proper account design and a unique logo are essential components of a successful social media marketing strategy. Follow the above tips for creating powerful and effective marketing tools that can attract a substantial number of potential customers.

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